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HERoNI Library

HERoNI Library is in the process of moving to a new location so all books are temporarily unavailable.

If you urgently require an item contact nicslibrary@finance-ni.gov.uk and we may be able to arrange an interlibrary loan.
Published on 23/10/2023

Returning books

If you have a library book to return they can be returned in person to either Lanyon Plaza, Craigantlet Buildings or Clare House clearly marked for the NICS Library Service. 

If you are posting a book that you borrowed from Dundonald House Library then please return it to NICS Library Service, c/o Craigantlet Buildings, Stoney Road, Stormont Estate, Belfast, BT4 3SX.

Library staff will be calling at Craigantlet Buildings once a week to collect any returns so there may be a short delay before any books are checked off your library account.

If you have any questions please contact us at nicslibrary@finance-ni.gov.uk
Published on 28/07/2023
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