HACCP in meat, poultry and fish processing

Pearson, A. M. Dutson, T. R.

HACCP in meat, poultry and fish processing - Blackie Academic and Professional, 1995 - Advances in Meat Research 10 .

This book presents the latest information on the HACCP concept and gives practical examples of its implementation at all stages of food production and processing from the farm to the consumer. In addition, guidelines ae given for the management of the HACCP system wihin the food industry and how it can be incorporated into a total quality management program. The role of predictive microbiology in HACCP is examined and the relationship of HACCP prInciples to existing amd future international agreements and regulations is explained.


Food safety
Hazard analysis
Meat hygiene
Food quality assurance
Food contamination
Food handling
Food preparation

Food safety



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