Essential law for landowners and farmers

Gregory, Michael Sydenham, Angela

Essential law for landowners and farmers - 3rd rev ed. - Blackwell Scientific, 1990

The pace of new law-making in the 1980's and the changed role expected of farmers has necessitated a third edition of this book, which has had to be largely rewritten. Entirely new chapters are now included on Alternative Uses of Farm Land and Milk Quotas. The abolition of domestic rating, the introduction of community charges and a new system of non-domestic rating, and new housing, employment and planning laws have compelled a complete recasting of the chapters on these subjects. The other chapters have been revised and updated and those on wayleaves and watery subjects now take itno account that new bodies under new laws have emerged from the privatisation of the gas, electricity and water supply industries.


Agricultural law
Tenure systems
Milk quotas
Land ownership

Law, legislation, agricultural law, food law
Agriculture industry, agricultural support measures,common agricultural policy

KN 60


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