Strategic human resource management: a guide to action

Armstrong, Michael

Strategic human resource management: a guide to action - 3rd ed. - London : Kogan Page, 2006 - 194p.

Part 1) The basis of Strategic Human Resource Management; The concept of HRM; The concept of strategy; The concept of Strategic HRM; The process of Strategic HRM; Part 2) The practice of human resource management; Formulating and implementing HR strategy; Strategic HRM in action; The strategic contribution of HRM to organizational success; The strategic role of the new HR function Part 3) Organizational strategies; Strategies for organizational development; Strategies for culture management; Change management strategies; Strategies for developing the employment relationship Part 4) Functional strategies; Employee Resourcing strategy; Strategies for managing performance; Strategic Human Resource Development; Reward strategy; Employee relations strategy.

Provides practical guidance on implementing the complex HR strategies that have been formulated by many practitioners, academics and consultants. This edition incorporates the thinking, research and practice on Strategic Human Resource Management

Michael Armstrong


Human resource management
Strategic management
Performance management

Personnel management

Personnel management


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